Top 5 Myths about Drug Addiction

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myths about addiction


Unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions that are connected with drug addiction. These mistaken beliefs can cause serious problems for both the addicted person and the community as a whole. Most of the time, these misconceptions were created to scare children about addiction. But, these were not effective, it just makes it harder for addicts to seek help and get into treatment in order to rebuild their healthy and sober life.

Myth #1: Drug addiction is a personal choice

At first, it is really the person’s choice to use drugs. But, as times goes by, the person may go from a voluntary drug user to being a regular user of drugs and it is not their choice. People become addicted to drugs because a constant use of the substance changes the normal functioning of the brain, which often results in an uncontrollable use of drugs.

Myth#2: Drug addiction is a character failure

A number of studies have already proven that substance addiction is a brain disease. Each type of substance addiction changes how the brain functions in different ways. But, regardless of the person’s drug of choice, substance abuse effects on the brain are almost similar: they range from changing how the neurons and cells work in the brain, to mood swings, or change on how the brain memory processes. All of these changes influence the person’s behavior. People with drug addiction problems are more likely to do anything just to support their negative habit.

Myth#3: Addicts are Hopeless

This myth is obviously not true. This kind of belief brings nothing but an emotional burden on recovered individuals. Addiction, like any other diseases, is treatable. Though there are many cases wherein recovering addicts spent years before they were able to overcome their addiction, while other cases show the opposite, wherein these  individual were able to recover from their addiction for a short-period of time. Even though the length of recovery varies depending on the person, the most important thing to keep in mind is that recovery from addiction is possible.

Myth#4: Addicts are bad people

Just for everyone to know, addicts are not bar people. They are just sick and trying to get well from their disease. They are like normal individuals in our society who struggle with drug addiction on a daily basis. Most importantly, they are the individuals who needs care, love and support not just from their family, but from the whole society as a whole.

Myth#5: There is only one treatment to overcome addiction

If there is only one treatment to get free from addiction, things could get much easier, but in reality, this is not the case. The reality is that there is no particular treatment program for addiction that is effective for everyone. Each of the addicted individual is different. Thus, they need the kind of treatment that is designed to meet their particular needs in recovery. Some substance abuse patients may do well by individual or group counseling, while others seem to better with therapies. The most important thing is that each patient must be able to find the strategy that work best for them.

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