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When both substance abuse and mental health disorder occur together, the condition becomes known as dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Examples of having a dual diagnosis could mean an addiction to alcohol while also suffering from severe depression.

Reasons why mental illness and addition often go together include:

  • Self-Medication: This is a person with a mental illness that may be abusing drugs or alcohol as a means to self-medicate for an addiction.
  • Onset of symptoms: Taking drugs or abusing alcohol can cause the onset of symptoms that may have been underlying for some time.
  • One worsens the other: Drugs and alcohol can negatively impact a person’s well-being mentally, as well as any medications they’re taking. Taking alcohol, for example, can make anti-depressants less effective.
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Treatments for Co-Occurring Disorders

660,000 adults in Florida live with a serious mental illness, according to NAMI. Only 26 percent of adults in Florida with mental illness go on to receive treatments that Florida’s public mental health system provides.

One should never feel ashamed or nervous to seek drug treatment for these types of disorders. There are various ways to  treatment approach that can help a person feel more at ease. Below are a few steps to endure:

    • Psychotherapy: This involves the psychological support of a person living with a mental illness. The therapy helps a person work through problems and find ways that can assist him or her live a more productive life.
    • Behavioral Management: An offshoot of therapy that helps one identify decisions or mistakes they made in the past that might have led to abusing drugs. Once these are identified, the person is then encouraged to create their own solutions to prevent the situation from happening again.